If You Don’t File A Storm Claim On Your Roof Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later…

Avoid The Catastrophic Mistake of Thinking There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Roof (And Save THOUSANDS While Insurance Still Covers The Damage)

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Customers Usually Ask…

“Is it ethical to file an insurance claim on storm damage?”

Yes! Insurance companies are required to protect your home from storm damage, that’s why you pay them every month for decades. Not only is it ethical to file a claim, but it’s also the right thing to do!

Failing to make storm claims in a timely manner can lead to rotted wood and can stack on additional expenses.

You also run the risk of being canceled due to neglect.

  • The insurance contract obligates the insurer to compensate the policyholder for losses caused by covered perils, including storm damage. When you pay your insurance premium, you are entering into a legal agreement with the insurance company to protect your home from potential risks, such as storm damage. Filing a claim for storm damage is not only ethical, but it is also a fulfillment of the contract you entered into with your insurer.
  • Failing to file a storm damage claim in a timely manner can lead to additional expenses and can jeopardize your home’s safety. If you fail to address the storm damage promptly, it can cause further damage to your property, including rot, mold, and structural damage. These additional expenses could have been avoided if you had filed the claim promptly.
  • Neglecting to file a storm damage claim could result in the insurance company canceling your policy due to neglect. Insurance companies have the right to cancel your policy if they believe that you are intentionally neglecting to file a claim, which could result in the insurer paying a larger settlement when the damage gets worse. Filing a storm damage claim promptly can help avoid any potential for policy cancellation due to neglect.

If you have storm damage, the insurance companies are required by law to cover you and The Act of God Clause protects your rates from rising due to storm claims, since there’s nothing you can do to stop a storm.

The right thing to do is to file a claim if it’s warranted by adequate storm damage.

And to avoid neglect, rotted wood, and additional out-of-pocket expenses.

“Will I get stuck in the middle of a dispute?”

No. Our agreements mean NOTHING if you get denied. We can AND DO over-turn wrongful denials all the time. If we can’t overturn a denied claim on your roof, our agreement goes in the trash and you’re in the same shape before involving us at all. There’s no risk when we work as a team.

  • Working as a team can increase the chances of overturning a denied claim. When a claim is denied, it can be frustrating and can feel like you’re stuck in the middle of a dispute. However, by working together, you can increase the chances of overturning the denial. An experienced team, such as an insurance agent and a licensed contractor, can work together to review the denied claim and identify areas that need to be addressed to get the claim approved.
  • By working as a team, you can ensure that all aspects of the claim are covered. Insurance claims can be complicated, and it’s easy to overlook important details that could result in a denied claim. When working as a team, you can be confident that all aspects of the claim are covered. An insurance agent can ensure that the policy coverage and documentation requirements are met, while a licensed contractor can provide an accurate and detailed assessment of the damages, and ensure that the repairs are done correctly.

Our agreements are based on getting your claim approved. Our team understands that our agreements mean nothing if your claim is denied. That’s why our goal is to work with you to get your claim approved, and we don’t stop until we achieve that goal. When working as a team, we are committed to doing everything possible to get your claim approved, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are not stuck in the middle of a dispute. You’ll get the help you need to get approved and if we fail to deliver, you’re not tied up in anything and you don’t owe anyone anything. You won’t incur any penalties from your insurance provider either.

“Can't I just file the claim on my own?”

Certainly, you can file your own claim, but doing so puts you at major risk of denial on even severe storm damage or with a check much smaller than what it’s really going to cost you for full replacement.

You’ll also be responsible for hiring a reputable contractor, along with procuring the right paperwork and documentation.

It’s not an easy task.

Plus, fail to use the right contractor and the insurance companies won’t send you the rest of the cash, so you could end up paying THOUSANDS out-of-pocket.

  • Filing a claim on your own puts you at risk of denial, even for severe storm damage. Insurance companies have strict requirements for documentation and filing procedures that must be followed to get a claim approved. When filing on your own, it can be easy to make mistakes, overlook important details, or fail to provide the necessary documentation. This can result in a denied claim, leaving you with no option but to cover the costs out of your pocket.
  • You are responsible for hiring a reputable contractor and ensuring the necessary paperwork and documentation is procured. Insurance companies often require detailed estimates, contracts, invoices, and other documentation that you may not be familiar with. Procuring the right documentation can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the insurance claims process. Additionally, hiring the wrong contractor can also put you at risk of underpayment or additional expenses.
  • Failing to use the right contractor can result in the insurance company not sending you the rest of the cash, leading to out-of-pocket expenses. Insurance companies often require that the work be done by a licensed contractor who meets certain criteria. If the work is not done correctly or does not meet the insurance company’s criteria, they may refuse to send you the full amount of the claim, leaving you to cover the additional expenses out of your pocket. By working with a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the claims process, you can be confident that you will receive the full amount of the claim without any out-of-pocket expenses.

You’ll continue to enjoy stress-free days, you’ll skip frustrating situations, and disengage from the overwhelm that’s likely to take over conducting this process on your own.

You’ll get all of this taken care of for you, without any extra cost whatsoever.

Not to mention, you’ll be totally safe from accidentally committing insurance fraud.

Flat out, if you don’t use all the money given to you by insurance on your roof, you’re committing fraud.

Don’t risk it, work only with reputable companies who are going to use the best materials and get the best workmanship.

It’s not worth cutting corners to try and pocket some extra cash.

I cannot say enough good things about David Murray and Pima Roofing and Solar. David was very friendly and conducted all of the negotiations with my insurance and knew what documents were needed to move my claim forward. The crew was courteous and they did a great job on the roof and clean up. I will be recommending Pima Roofing and Solar to my friends.

Lucyanne Tozzi

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